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Love can make you happy.

Love can also make you miserable if you expect you and your partner to get along just because you fell in love or have wonderful love feelings for each other. Many couples think if they fell in love at one time they should be able to depend on that to carry them through years of the most challenging undertaking they have made in their lives.

Love and marriage is more complicated than that. People are more complex than that. We change. We grow. And if you and your partner aren't on the same page, or used to be and aren't anymore, perhaps you need to consider relationship counseling.

Love is usually the basis for a marital union but it can quickly or over time be challenging to your ideas of what love is all about. If you're wondering if you and your mate are going to not just survive but thrive under the pressures of maintaining work and the challenges of child-rearing, it's time for you to learn to communicate about what is happening with and between each other. Just juggling modern life is not a formula for a healthy, fulfilling life, much less marriage.

Psychological counseling and therapy can help you address the problems in your life that are causing you to feel anxious or depressed. It can help you strengthen the relationships in your life with open conversation, trust and understanding to return you to mental and emotional well being.

Marriage Counseling - When things don't turn out the way you like, or thought they would, insecurities start to set in that can ruin the possibliity of pleasure and enjoyment. Working with couples who still care about each other but have been having problems feeling connected is a special focus of Dr. Faust. She can identify the major issues and usually their origins, revealing a template for how the trouble began and how you're bringing it into the marital relationship.

Crisis Intervention - Sometimes couples wait until it's almost too late to be helped. If you feel you're in this situation, a consultation would be in order to see if there are avenues you can take to heal.

Individual Counseling - Many times only one spouse is desirous of seeking professional help. Individual work can enhance communication by clarifying issues and processing feelings that have become problematic. Although some need and prefer indivicual therapy, it is almost always reflected in their relationships with others.

Family Counseling - It may take the entire family being in a room to heal some problems. This is always a possibility of treatment.

Child Counseling - Usually children's problems are intertwined with their parents issues or disciplining methods. If this is the case, another special focus of Dr. Faust is her work with parents and their children.

Working Principles - At the core of Dr. Faust's approach to relationship therapy is self-responsibility. The essence of a person shines through during any encounter whether between spouses or parents and children.

Wounds from the past distort clear interactions and can spoil the love that's being expressed. Self esteem plays an essential role in healing relationships. Being kind and compassionate with oneself goes hand in hand with kindness and compassion toward others. You cannot change another person, but if you change yourself, that person will treat you differently.

Spiritual wisdom underlies all healing of old wounds. We could look at this as relationship being a spiritual path.

Suzanne Faust, Ph.D.

About Dr. Faust

Dr. Suzanne Faust is a licensed marriage and family counselor with a private practice in the Las Vegas, Nevada, area.

Suzanne Faust, Ph.D.


Dr. Faust offers counseling to couples, families and individuals who are combating a wide array of personal issues.

Suzanne Faust, Ph.D.

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